Skip a Payment

Need to hit “pause” on your monthly loan payment? We can help.

Skip a Payment is offered on New and Used Auto Loans and Personal Loans1. This program allows you to skip up to two payments per year on Auto Loans, and up to two skipped payments per life-of-loan on Personal Loans.

Skip a Payment in Online and Mobile Banking

Skip a Payment is offered on New and Used Auto loans and Personal Loans1. Special or Promotional Personal loans do not qualify.2.

  1. Login to Online Banking through your desktop or through the LA Financial app on your mobile device. (Links to download our app for iOS or Android can be found here.)
  2. In the menu, click Services > Skip A Payment.
  3. Select/check the loan(s) you want to skip. Then select from which share account you would like the Skip A Payment Fee deducted. (A $25 fee charge is associated with skipping a monthly payment.)
  4. Review and accept the Skip A Payment Terms and Conditions before you submit your request, and click Close.
  5. Click Submit at the bottom of the screen and a confirmation screen will appear. If you don’t currently have any loans eligible for Skip A Payment, an Error screen will appear, alerting you so.

Skip a Payment Email/Fax Form

You can choose to skip your auto or personal loan payments**

Here’s how:

1. Read the eligibility requirements on the Skip a Payment Form to double-check that you qualify***.
2. Complete the Skip a Payment Form
3. Sign the form and email to: [email protected] or fax the completed form to: 626-844-8168.
4. We will confirm that we received your form. 

Click to complete a Skip a Payment Form

1 Finance charges will still accrue.

2 Eligibility Requirements: All Credit Union accounts must be in good standing (minimum balance requirements met) and no past due payments within the last 12 months. Loan(s) will be ineligible if two payments were skipped or an extension was granted during the preceding 12 month period. Member must make one (1) initial payment on the loan before requesting to Skip a Payment. Skip payments will not be processed until the $25 fee is transferred. If there is “GAP” coverage on the auto loan, you understand that skipping loan payment(s) does not change the terms and conditions of the original GAP Waiver. GAP does allow two skipped payments per year during the life of the loan and in the event of a claim, any additional payment(s) may be deducted from any payable GAP benefit. Unsecured personal loans are only allowed two skip payments over the life of the loan. For more information on loan servicing contact: 800.894.1200 ext. 8263. Request must be received prior to your due date.