Free Financial Education & Wellness

We’re committed to helping our members build a strong foundation and future — that’s why we offer a variety of free educational resources available to everyone in the LA County community. For us, it’s more than offering products and services: We want to help you develop smart and healthy financial skills so you can not only build a financial foundation but also sustain and grow your wealth over time.
Financial wellness & counseling
Get the personalized guidance you need to navigate life’s financial challenges and achieve financial freedom. Our non-profit partner GreenPath helps you ease financial stress, manage debt, and make informed financial decisions. Learn how to pay down debt, improve your credit score, understand your student loan options, make important housing decisions, and more with one-on-one counseling from GreenPath’s experts (FREE for LA Financial members!).
Financial literacy & education
Whether you’re learning basic money skills or are exploring more complex financial situations, our partner Banzai can help you develop financial literacy with their free courses and content for everyone in LA County. The courses are suited for any age and address a variety of topics, from junior and teen programs around developing good habits early in life to adult programs about buying a home and more deeply understanding inflation.
The LA Financial blog
Make the most of your money with our practical tips — whether you’re trying to save at the grocery store, plan for back to school, or make financial resolutions stick.

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