Close-up Of A Businessperson's Hand Signing Cheque In Office

Check Writing Basics and Mobile Deposit

It’s not very common to be carrying around a checkbook anymore. Debit cards have solved the problem of lugging extra items around in your bag. However, there are times where it’s necessary to write out a check, such as certain utilities or Rent payments, or when you’re traveling to smaller towns where businesses prefer not to deal with credit card fees and ask for cash or check only. This is why it’s good to know the proper formatting and what everything on your check means.

Here are the items to fill out on a check:

  1. The date displayed on the check is when the recipient of the check is able to cash your check. When working with any vendor, it’s expected that you’re able to cash the check on the same day that it’s given. However, in some cases you can give checks ahead of schedule and date them accordingly so that the recipient doesn’t cash them too soon.
  2. Enter the name of the company or person you are paying in the Pay To The Order Of line.
  3. Enter the exact amount of the check in dollars and cents just to the right of the dollar sign (Example: 245.50)
  4. Write out the amount of the check in words for the dollar amount and a fraction for the cents (Two Hundred Forty-Five and 50/100). Make sure teh written amount is the same as the amount you wrote in Space 3. If these numbers do not match, the written words become the legal amount of the check. If there is space remaining after the words, draw a line toward the word “Dollars” so no extra words may be written in later.
  5. If you want to note what the check is for, for your own records,write the reason here. This is helpful when writing multiple checks to the same person or company for different items or services.
  6. Sign your name on the signature line. When you first opened your checking account with the credit union you would have been asked to sign a signature card. Your signature on the check should match your original account signature.
  7. This 9 digit number is the financial institution’s routing number. It identifies your credit union and is used when FI’s process your check through the banking system. Certain instances, like initiating payroll deposit, or making online bill payments will require you to provide this routing number.
  8. This number is your account number with the credit union. As with the routing number, there will be ties when you’ll need to provide your account number.
  9. Each of your checks has a unique and sequenced identification number. The check number is shown twice on each check – on the bottom of the check and in the upper right hand corner.

When wanting to deposit any check with LA Financial, it’s important to know how to correctly deposit your funds. Using mobile deposit through the LA Financial app, you should endorse the check on the back with our signature, write out your account number, and write “For Mobile Deposit Only to LA Financial”. Be sure to write out these details, as your check may be declined otherwise. This is an added security measure in order to lessen fraud.