A personal loan option up to $5,000 to assist those impacted by COVID-19

If you’re experiencing a financial hardship due to layoff, reduced hours, loss of income, etc., we have a Member Emergency Loan available up to $5,000. You must already have an existing membership with us in order to apply.

Apply online in a couple of easy steps:
  1. ​Start a personal loan application here
  2. A hardship letter and proof of hardship will be required. Include the following in the hardship letter:

      • ​Describe how you have been impacted; including the date of return to work.
      • Provide the official letter or notice from your employer describing the terms of work restrictions that you are facing.
      • If applicable, provide notice from a licensed healthcare provider describing that you are required to be quarantined.
      • Must Credit Qualify.
Apply for a Member Emergency Loan

Have further questions? Call us at: 1-800-894-1200 x1884.