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Mobile Banking Tips

Mobile Banking provides a convenient, safe way to access your funds when you’re unable to visit a branch.

COVID-19 notice: Banking During COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way customers bank at the Credit Union. While we continue to serve our members as safely and efficiently as possible at the branch itself, mobile banking is a safe way to complete your banking needs.

What is Mobile Banking?

Mobile banking is simply using an app on a mobile device, like a phone or tablet, to access your bank accounts and perform transactions. It’s a service provided by your financial institution and is available to you at any time. The features of a mobile banking app drive what transactions are available to the user, but there are common features available through almost all mobile banking apps.

Almost every bank and credit union has some kind of internet banking solution such as a website, app, or, most often, both. These solutions are shockingly robust. While the face-to-face experience at the Credit Union may be your most familiar way to interact with your accounts, mobile banking can offer most of the same or similar services. Common services include viewing your account balances, making transfers, paying off loans, and depositing checks.

The Credit Union has a mobile app for LA Financial and Havasu Community members. Just click on one of the links below on your device. Or, search for “LA Financial Credit Union” and look for the LA logo in the app store of your phone or tablet.

Download LA Financial for iOS
Download LA Financial for Android

Mobile Check Deposit

One service available through mobile banking is the ability to deposit your checks remotely; this is called a mobile deposit. Though cash deposits have to be made at a branch or a deposit-taking ATM, you can often deposit checks into your account with your mobile device. Financial institutions use remote deposit capture to deposit a check remotely—just snap pictures of the front and back of a signed paper check through the app. Remote deposit is convenient and easy, but follow the instructions in the app carefully and hang onto the check for a few weeks just in case there’s a problem with the deposit.

In the LA Financial app, you will find access in the Move Money tab of the menu, if the mobile deposit privilege is granted. As an added service, mobile deposit access is a privilege granted to a member whose account has been open at least 30 days, and is a member in good standing with LA Financial or Havasu Community Credit Union.

Read more of our helpful hints on how to properly deposit your checks within the LA Financial mobile app.

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Transfers and Loan Payments

Through an app, you can quickly and securely transfer money between accounts. This means you can pull money from checking and put it into savings or even another checking account. If you have a home, auto, or personal loan through the same bank or credit union as your checking/savings account, you can easily make payments remotely by transferring money from your checking or savings to the loan directly. You can read more about about how to make transfers and loan payments in our Mobile Banking FAQ.

See our separate People Pay Guide to know the ins-and-outs of P2P Transfers.

View a Statement

Mobile banking often allows you to view statements right on your phone. You can open a statement to quickly access your account number or balance your checkbook. Often, you can download the statement if you need to print it or use it to apply for a loan.

To receive future statements electronically, register to use e-Statement, our online statement service. Login to online banking at or mobile banking if you have downloaded the LA Financial app. Login, click Statements Delivery Options > Online eStatements, and submit changes to save. Once you’re signed up, you’ll receive an e-mail notification that your next month’s statement is ready – usually by the third of each month, just click on the link to log in and view.

Safety and Security

Banks and credit unions work tirelessly to keep their internet banking options as safe and secure as possible. Many apps and websites will use two-factor authentication such as our Secure Access Code (SAC) method, which sends a code to your email or phone to confirm that you’re the person trying to sign in to your accounts.

Another key aspect of cyber-security in mobile banking comes from encrypting data. A secure system encrypts the data transmitted through wifi or radio waves as well as any stored data.

Of course, you should also take steps to keep your account secure by using a unique password and only accessing mobile banking on secure networks. If you have any questions, talk to your bank or credit union for their recommendations on how to best protect yourself when using mobile banking options. Read our tips on password security and find other helpful resources in our Security Center.

Mobile banking is a powerful tool that makes managing your finances easier and more convenient. Check our Online and & Mobile Banking FAQ for more tips on how to bank from anywhere.Never used Online & Mobile Banking before? Take a quick video tour:

Have a question? Browse our Mobile Banking FAQ to help you easily bank online

Read more about security on our blog


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