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Online and Mobile Banking

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Enjoy the freedom of being able to bank anytime, anywhere

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Check out the latest features in Online & Mobile Banking

You can now add your LA Financial or Havasu Community debit or credit card to your phone's mobile wallet!

Mobile wallets offer customers a quicker and safer way to complete purchases. Mobile wallet for your debit and credit cards is available on iPhone Wallet, Google Pay for Android, and Samsung Pay.

How is a mobile wallet created and how do you choose an app?

Setting up a mobile wallet is easy. Use your phone's Wallet app already installed. Just open the app, take a photo of your card or enter its information, and follow the step-by-step instructions.

How do mobile wallets work?

If you see the contactless symbol on a vendor’s contactless payment reader, simply open the mobile wallet app on your smart device, select a card to use, and then hold the device a few inches above the payment reader.

Just look for the contactless symbol at checkout.

Add your LA Financial Credit Union or Havasu Community Credit Union Debit or Credit cards to your mobile wallet today!

Have questions about these updates? You can contact us at 1-800-894-1200.

Other features in Online & Mobile Banking

If you've logged in to online banking between January 18, 2017 - present, you won't need to re-enroll.

    • When you log in to online banking for the first time, you will see a new security prompt.
      • We no longer use security questions for authentication.
      • You will be prompted to receive a Security Access Code (SAC) via email, text or phone call.
        • This will happen every time you use a new device or web browser.
        • Once you register your device or web browser, you'll be set!
      • It is important that you keep your contact information updated.
      • If you need to make changes to where you receive your security access code, log in to online banking, go to: Profile & Settings > Security Preferences > Secure Delivery.

    See our video tutorial on how to sign in for the first time using our new secure code access feature.

    For added safety & security, set up any alerts you want to receive by logging into Online Banking and going to Profile and Settings > Account Alerts.

    • A wide variety of alerts are available for online activity, account balances, stop payments, date-specific alerts, and more.
    • Choose if you want alerts sent to your phone, text, email, and/or as an online secure message.

    Take a quick video tour of online banking:

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