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You will only ever receive an automated fraud alert from the Credit Union if you have registered for Debit/Credit Fraud Alerts on your device.

  • To enroll, log in to online banking:
    • Under Profile and Settings, click Debit/Credit Fraud alerts in the left hand menu.
    • Follow the next simple steps to register your device.
    • You’ll receive an automated text which will ask you to confirm your enrollment.

Have questions about these updates? You can contact us at 1-800-894-1200.

Other features in Online & Mobile Banking

If you’ve logged in to online banking between January 18, 2017 – present, you won’t need to re-enroll.

    • When you log in to online banking for the first time, you will see a new security prompt.
      • We no longer use security questions for authentication.
      • You will be prompted to receive a Security Access Code (SAC) via email, text or phone call.
        • This will happen every time you use a new device or web browser.
        • Once you register your device or web browser, you’ll be set!
      • It is important that you keep your contact information updated.
      • If you need to make changes to where you receive your security access code, log in to online banking, go to: Profile & Settings > Security Preferences > Secure Delivery.

    See our video tutorial on how to sign in for the first time using our new secure code access feature.

    For added safety & security, set up any alerts you want to receive by logging into Online Banking and going to Profile and Settings > Account Alerts.

    • A wide variety of alerts are available for online activity, account balances, stop payments, date-specific alerts, and more.
    • Choose if you want alerts sent to your phone, text, email, and/or as an online secure message.

    Take a quick video tour of online banking:

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